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Powers of Attorney

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The proper set up and implementation of your powers of attorney is crucial to anyone who has assets and becomes incapacitated. I feels these are so critical that I make sure that all of my clients have the proper set up of asset’s powers of attorney. Here is a great article...

Thrift Savings Plan for 2017

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The Thrift Savings Board is looking into making some changes to how various functions are handled within your account. They are looking into allowing “Outside Mutual Funds” as investments but this may take a while for the change to take place. They are also looking at...

Will A President Trump Affect My TSP or Benefits?

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In an effort by the Trump administration to make our government run more efficiently and effectively some senators are looking into making changes. According to this report Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, said having a Republican in the White House will allow him to focus more on...

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Retiring From Federal Service

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Congratulations on your recent or pending retirement from Federal Service!  Hopefully, this finds you well as you begin your life in retirement. You are almost to the finish line!  I say “almost” because there are still decisions you will have to make about your Basic Benefit,...

Phased Retirement

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Phased Retirement is a human resources tool that allows full-time employees to work part-time schedules while beginning to draw retirement benefits.  This new tool will allow managers to better provide unique mentoring opportunities for employees while increasing access to the...

Pay Raise Surprise, New Tuition Discounts, Snow Day Refresher and More

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Last week ended on a high note for federal employees. First, President Obama surprised everyone by increasing next year’s civilian pay raise to 2.1 percent. The civilian pay hike now matches the figure lawmakers approved for the military as part of the Defense authorization...

Making Your Best Bet on Social Security

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Almost everyone needs to decide when to claim their Social Security retirement benefit between age 62 and 70. The only exception would be those claiming disability benefits or benefits based on the death of a spouse, former spouse, or a parent. Everyone else has the same...

Will your pay raise cover new health premiums

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Will federal retirees and federal workers be able to manage their higher health care premiums next year with the tiny pay raise they got this year? Many federal workers will have difficulty.[read more]

Choosing a health insurance plan.

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Did you know that you can actually make money being insured by your health plan? The author states that you can do it if you want. [read more]