Congratulations on your recent or pending retirement from Federal Service!  Hopefully, this finds you well as you begin your life in retirement.

You are almost to the finish line!  I say “almost” because there are still decisions you will have to make about your Basic Benefit, TSP, Social Security, and FEHB.  I’ve worked with government workers and post office workers and know that FERS and CSRS are complicated and unlike any other pension.  I also know how difficult OPM can make things and how hard it can be to get answers to your questions.  No one really sits with you individually to help you coordinate your benefits.

Properly coordinated benefits add an average of $90,000 in lifetime benefits to retired postal workers.  So, coordinating your benefits is one of the most important things you will do in retirement.

As a thank-you for all you’ve done for those of us who depend on the federal workers, the link below  will alert you to some things you need to look for and be aware of:

  • Your income in retirement may not be level.  The Special Annuity Supplement, your Basic Benefit, TSP withdrawals and Social Security need to be coordinated if this is important to you.
  • “How” TSP executes your withdrawal payments can cause problems for you down the road.  There is an easy fix if you are aware of the problem.
  • FEHB is different than other health plans for retirees.  There are a couple of things you need to know as you become eligible for Medicare.

My hope is that the Everything you wanted to know about retiring from Federal service-Whitepaper will help you make decisions that will add thousands of dollars a year to your retirement income.  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE WHITE PAPER If you have questions about anything at all feel free to call me…



Roy Innella

Federal Benefits Coach