Roy Innella - Federal Benefits Coach

Roy Innella

headshotroyretouched2013Who Can Benefit from what I do?

• Federal Employees who want to get the most out of their federal employment benefits by:

1. Maximize their federal CSRS or FERS pension

2. Protect their life savings (TSP and Other investments) from the harm of bad investments and market downturns.

3. Protect their heirs in the event of their death

4. Reduce the amount of taxes paid in retirement.

Why My Approach is better than other financial professionals.

Financial Coaching

Our coaching follows the investing five factor model. Control the controllable and be truly diversified. This is a tried and true means of effectively investing in a realistic and controllable fashion. Reduced cost investing means more wealth for our clients and that is what we strive to achieve for all of our clients.

I am willing to show anyone who feels like this approach will work for them and their investments. If you want to set up and initial meeting of just a phone conversation to see if we can work together call my office at 610-695-8748 and I will be happy to talk to you. If you want to send an email instead send it to