Helping Federal and Postal Employees get the most out of their federal benefits.

Federal Benefits Maximized for You!
Are you looking for some answers concerning you retirement options from OPM? With a 6 month backlog that they are experiencing I am sure it is frustrating for you. I am here to help you get the information you need to make sound decisions now regarding your retirement benefits.

I serve Federally Employed clients by educating them about their benefits and finances with the goal of helping them make comfortable financial decisions. Which could be to do nothing. I don’t sell products to try to fit into a plan.

I have been working with federal employees for many years and have been specially trained in your unique benefits like your Thrift Savings Plan(TSP) and your Federal Group Life Insurance(FEGLI) and federal annuity pension. I also have the support services required to help you determine your pension amount. In a short meeting with me, I can get the information from you to help you make sound financial decisions regarding your retirement.

Who Can Benefit from what I do? If you want any or all of the following:

  • If you want a true Federal Benefits Analysis of your retirement picture and want to know all of your options from a holistic point of view.
  • If you work for the federal government and want to get the most from your federal benefits including pension maximization and TSP rollover maximization.
  • If you want to protect loved ones from financial loss in the event you can’t take care of them.
  • If you want someone who cares about your money as much as you do.
  • If you are concerned about risk and want to hear more about how to protect your nest egg.
  • If you want to be informed and coached through a process not a product to get the most personal financial benefit

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